The New Flagship

AKETEK VIEW is based on the previous PRO-X model with improvements for higher performance, improved ergonomics and better affordability. AKETEK VIEW is suitable for MIG, TIG, MAG, plasma cutting and grinding which makes it a great all-round helmet. Discover the new high performance optics and new grinding mode which helps to create a safer and more optimal workspace!

Large viewing area (100 x 54 mm)
Best visibility before welding
- shade 3 in light state and true color filtering
Selectable Shade 8-12 for all types of welding
Best optical classes according to CE EN379
- sharp view, superior angle dependence
Fast switching when striking the arc (0.0001 s)
Auto-delay. The time to return to the light state depends on the weld time. Longer welds means longer delay, short welds means shorter delay.
Dual sensors at eye level. If you can see the arc, so will the sensors.
Can be used in sunlight. The sensors react on all types of welding arcs, including TIG above 5A
Good Coverage of ears, neck and sides of the head
High Robustness and meets requirements for high speed (120 m/s) particles according to CE 175 B

Always ON - just to pick up and start to weld
SHADE can be adjusted to fit the actual welding situation.
No need for battery change. Lifetime of the built in battery cell is more than 10 years, thanks to the support from the solar cells.
Soft and comfortable headgear with multiple adjustments
Protective cover plates, outside and inside with scratch resistant coating, easy to remove and replace.
Low weight, 480 g.

Low retail price and low operating costs gives good value for money.